It Only Takes A Penny

The new campaign by Cerebra is #1paday (1p per day) . For instance if everyone on their facebook page joined in with the campaign it would raise £8000 a year. Lets face it what can you buy with a penny nowadays, not a lot, so isn’t it worth making a difference to someone rather than having the penny sat in your pocket.

Do you know what they could buy with £8000 well they could get 10 computers, 7 buggies (which let me tell you as a parent of special needs children a buggy is an absolute must for the fact of being able to take the children out).

Who are Cerebra ?
They are a charity that has been set up to help children with brain related conditions these funds that they raise help make these children’s lives a bit easier. Well worth a penny isn’t it ?

People can donate money through the site Ploink/Cerebra

You can also join in on twitter and facebook by tweeting/sharing “I just joined the #1paday campaign for @CerebraUK


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