Family Fund

I received a phone call the other night from a lovely lady at Family Fund asking me if I would go to a meeting to talk about the importance of the Family Fund with my local MP.
Unfortunately I couldn’t make this meeting with the children, time etc, but thought I couldn’t let this opportunity go as this is a subject that’s very important to me and I feel very strongly about. I suggested that I would write this blog post so that it could be shared with my local MP.

Family Fund is a grant that is awarded to parents of disabled children to help towards the cost of purchasing white goods, computers, holidays, special requirements that are needed in the house, days out etc. You name you can apply for it.

For me the Family Fund has been an absolute godsend these last 2 years and this is my way of saying thank-you.

The first year I received the Family Fund I was granted money for a washing machine, now this was much-needed as my washing machine was well on its way to washing machine heaven. If I hadn’t received this grant it would have meant me doing the families washing by hand a chore I did not want to do or have time to do.
Then as well as the washing machine I was awarded money for days out. Now it gets very expensive to have days out with large family so they are unfortunately few and far between. So i was able to take the children for a few lovely days out to theme parks and also for a weekend away to attend my Nephew’s wedding .
It doesn’t stop there I was also awarded some money for a new settee as the children had completely trashed my old one. It was so nice to have a new comfortable settee rather than sitting on the floor or using the uncomfortable settee. So without the Family Fund none of this would have happened. It helped to make a bad situation a bit better.

Then this year my cooker decided to go to meet my washer and go to cooker heaven. Which was a bit unfortunate as I wanted to get perkie a trike. But needs must the family needed a cooker more than Perkie needed a trike. I was lucky to receive a grant for a new cooker and now my brand new sparkling cooker is sat quite happily in my kitchen.

What I am trying to say without the Family Fund I wouldn’t have been able to have a new cooker, days out, new washer. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it. The Family Fund has not only helped me get the above items but the money i would have used to buy the items and days out has allowed me to get extras and treats for the children. For example a couple of sensory lights that change colour in the winter they are a god-send as they help relax the children down. Please don’t take the Family Fund away it so much of a help to me and parents like me, it helps make our life just that bit easier.

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