Vision Charity Make A Difference

Vision charity was created in 1975 to help raise money for blind and visually impaired children. Their aim is to give these children a little help in life. Like sending the children and their families on holiday, for some this is the first time that they have ever been away. It gives them a chance to meet and mix with other families with the same condition. Which is a great comfort at times as the families can support and encourage each other.

We all know children love to play and thanks to Vision they donated nearly £5000 worth of toys to the Henshaws Society of Blind people, how great is that. To see the laughter and smiles on their face as they play with these toys must be absolutely priceless. So you see Vision is not only helping the children but also improving and making their lives just a bit easier. They help transform the children’s life.

Did you know that Vision has a list of celebrities as it Patrons such as
David Ginola
Melaine Sykes
Kara Tointon
Katie Price
Nicholas Parsons for
These are just to name a few of the celebrities.

As a mum of disabled children myself I know how hard life is for them at times, at the end of the day they are children. So come and help Vision to help make these children’s life a bit happier.

Support Vision and make a difference Vision Charity


4 responses to “Vision Charity Make A Difference

  1. Such a worthwhile charity! You can see the results of all the hardwork and I imagine that seeing all the smiley faces of all the happy children is very rewarding.

    Fab post!

  2. This isn’t a charity I’ve heard of which seems criminal! It sounds like it does such good work!

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