World Wildlife Fund

We have all heard of World Wildlife Fund or WWF for short but how much do you know about them. I thought I knew about what they did but after reading some information on WWF I realised I didn’t know that much after all

Let me tell you a bit about WWF was founded in 1961 and its Panda logo is now a recognised symbol of conservation and sustainable development.

Much of WWF work is done in areas where the most critically endangered wildlife and least protected habitats are found.

Did you know WWF have another side to them and that’s you can now buy gifts that not only help promote the awareness of the animal but also the sales of these gifts help to provide funds to keep the work of WWF continuing.

For example here is a Help Save Tigers Box that come with a plush toy of a tiger, animal fact booklet and One planet booklet all for only £19.99. Wild tiger numbers are estimated to stand at 3,200 but through sales of this toy WWF hopes to double this number by 2022. Also when you purchase one of these Help Save boxes you get a special link included with the toy and you can sign up to the WWF adoption scheme for as little as a £1.00 a month.

The Help Save Me range includes a number of animals such as Polar Bears, Orang-utans, Pandas and Penguins to name a few.

WWF have also released Pandamonium store This is a collection of unique works by some of the UK’s leading artists including Sir Peter Blake, Tracy Emin, Jim Lambrie,Gary Hume and Paul Smith. All these items in this exclusive range are based on the WWF old panda collection boxes and feature a host of different products, including bags, t-shirts and badges.

Also as well as this WWF have a Christmas Store
Where you can purchase your Christmas cards and wrapping paper, cups, diaries and calenders, stocking fillers

There are lots of gift ideas at WWF from cuddly meerkats take a look at WWF Shop they sell everything from homeware to clothing, to Christmas cards to the wrapping paper

So why not start your Christmas shopping online in the comfort of your own home avoiding the hustle and bustle of all the crowds and at the same time help the animals

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