Playskool Activity Tower

Playskool is a brand that is synonymous with young children’s learning and at some point you would have come across it in your childhood. As the toys are so robust, well made and very good quality.

We were luckily enough to test the Playskool Activity Tower the first thing that struck me about this tower was the colours they were so bright and very pleasing to the eye. The box that the activity tower comes in is a clear fronted box that enables you to see exactly what you are buying. Which i think is a great bonus to parents now a day as we want to know what we are buying our children.

The stack itself offers so many different ways of playing, it’s certainly a toy a child won’t get bored of.Its not just a simple stacking toy. For instance on the main cube there are different activities to do, a variety of textures for the child to feel, different colours for the child to look at.
Each cube is an activity in itself for little fingers to explore. Each side of the cube has a different texture, number, shape to the others

The versatility of the Activity cube is endless no two play sessions would ever be the same. What I loved about the Activity Tower is that it could be used altogether or play with the cubes individually . It helped my 4 children play together and learn the importance of taking turns and sequences

I will definitely be buying some more Playskool toys in the future.


18 responses to “Playskool Activity Tower

  1. 1. Hi wendy my childs fav toy is his lights and sound bench think he would love this @cohare28 x x

  2. 2. Lego, really no contest, boring answer I know. @phyllgerry

  3. 3. My favorite toy was a sindy doll, we did’t have a lot of money so my dad made me a wardrobe and a caravan for her!
    They were much better than the plastic one’s you could buy at the time!

  4. 4. Had to be my Barbie house, it had real lights and a working all fairness my barbie dolls had a better house than we did when i was little lol.

  5. 5 My favourite toy as a child was my paints and easel. I loved painting and still do and have passed this passion on to my own daughter , nieces and nephews.
    Thanks so much for running the competition.

  6. 6. The Big Yellow Teapot- not only was it fab in itself but was great for swinging and walloping your younger sister! LOL

  7. 7. My favourite toy was a big old fashioned wooden rocking horse – I still wish I had it now to give to Zara

  8. 8. Hello, I’m subscribed to your blog. My favourite toy when a child was always my teddy. I still love him now.

  9. 9. My favourite toy was a ‘Keeper’ do you remember those?


  10. 10.My fav toy as a young child were the weebles and the the popup tree house.oh the memories.

  11. 11.Definitely My Little Pony! I had hundreds of them 🙂

  12. 12.My favourite toy was a wee tricycle I had! I went everywhere on it at full speed! I remember practising parking it!! lol.

    Thanks for a lovely competition. x

  13. An old wooden rocking horse that we had for years, it was beautiful and I so wish I still had it so I could give it to Zara 🙂

  14. 13.Subscribed in google reader. My favourite toys as a child were Weebles :0)

  15. 14.I had a pull along telephone with wobbly eyes that I loved!



  16. 15.Hello!!!! I’ve now followed your blog!
    I think my favourite toys was either my emu puppet or my barbie horse, I really wanted a horse. But had to settle for that one and I loved it!! Amanda x gidders1

  17. 16.I Loved……my Sindys and Barbies! Played with them for hours everyday!

  18. i hated dolls with a passion lol

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