Tipster of The Month

fancy entering a competition for a chance to win £25 worth of M&S vouchers , well take a look at NETBUDDY

What do you have to do to enter Tipster of the Month

Its simple just send in your videos on any tips, ideas, practical suggestions, sharing proud moments or breakthroughs . They don’t have to be technically brilliant- so why not get your webcam, camcorder, or the video on your camera ready to send your videos to

2 responses to “Tipster of The Month

  1. I haven’t got a a camcorder but would still like to enter Tipster of the month. My best tip is very easy. It’s your own voice. Singing giggling and make all the silly sounds that you can with as many looney sounds you can make . Not only will you entertain your little one but also yourself and partner,making everyone smile together. My little one loves the theme tune to Jim’ll fix it.We found all the words and she loves it when we get to the bahh bahh bahh bits.Shame Jim isn’t making so many dreams come true any more.xxxx

  2. I have posted this tip not that it’s that great on netbuddies tooxxxxx

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