Aunt Bessie – Host A Roast

I was luck enough to get some vouchers from Aunt Bessie you know everyone’s favourite Auntie. I wish I could cook like Aunt Bessie. The idea is that we host a roast with items from the Aunt Bessie range and tweet about it live on twitter #hostaroast. So I chose today (Sunday) the perfect day for host a roast.

I put the roast pork on about 3.30pm and usually once I put the meat on, I peel the potatoes ready to do the mash and prepare the veg. I didn’t need to do this today as we were having Aunt Bessie mashed potatoes, honey glazed parsnips and roast potatoes, croquettes. This gave me more time to do other things a great bonus.

The instructions on the packets are very easy to follow , it gives you clear and concise instruction of how to cook the item and the temperature it should be cooked at. It’s easy you just put them in the oven and leave them till cooked, no messing about checking them etc.

The Menu
Roast Pork
Aunt Bessie Roast potatoes
Aunt Bessie Mashed Potatoes
Aunt Bessie honey glazed parsnips
Aunt Bessie Yorkshire pudding
Aunt Bessie croquettes
Apple sauce

The Meal

The meal was very well received by my 3 children they thought it was very tasty. My oldest son who is 6 years old and autistic didn’t enjoy the creamy mashed potatoes due to his sensory issues and them being a lot creamier and smoother than his dad’s. I on the other hand enjoyed the creaminess of the potatoes and they tasted very creamy and buttery. The whole of the meal was enjoyed by all of the family . The parsnips were so succulent, the roast potatoes were so crispy. It was a very easy, no hassle meal to make. Would I do it again yes because Aunt Bessie makes food taste that much better.

The only negative thing I have to say about the Aunt Bessie range is the Aunt Bessie mashed potatoes are very fiddly to do in the saucepan and need constant attention which I’m afraid in my house at times can be tricky. Would have to try them in the microwave. Although the end result of the mashed potatoes is worth it.

For more information and your chance to win a new kitchen go to

2 responses to “Aunt Bessie – Host A Roast

  1. We had a fab time too with our #hostaroast! We didn’t try the mash, we had stuffing instead, hop over for our review! xx

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