Bin Buddy

I have always had a problem with the dustbin smelling and no matter how much I wash the bin out it always seem to smell of wet nappies even though we use strongly scented nappy bags. I have tried all sorts to combat the smell, tried using a dustbin bin bag, I have even resorted to spraying air freshener in the bin especially in the summer.

Well when the bin buddy arrived I wasn’t sure how this was going to work and stop all the unpleasant odours which in turn stop unwanted visitors of flies and maggots. I’m sure you will agree flies are a nightmare in the summer round smelly bins.

The bin buddy will stop all this; it comes in 2 fragrances to choose from a zingy citrus, to fruity berry smell. I tried it in my bin and I can honestly say I was very happy with the result. You can sprinkle the powder in the bin and on top of the bin bags, which is a bonus especially if you have a very smelly bin bag. Then sprinkle some of the fragrant powder each time you dispose of your rubbish. This will not only make your bin smell nice it also has a natural insecticide which kills and repels flies, wasps, ants mosquitoes and maggots without harming pets or the environment.

The bin buddy come in a little container that’s shaped as a bin so there is no mistaking what its purpose is. Also the product uses eye catching bright colours which makes the product very easy to spot on supermarket shelfs. The colours of the pot correspond to the fragrance inside. Each container is enough for 15 applications. I would highly recommend this, if you want a happy bin.

The bin buddy has a RRP of £4.99 and can be purchased at Asda, Waitrose, Homebase, Robert Dyas to name a few.


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