Children’s World Cookbook

I was sent this cookbook courtesy of Beckicklesie

The first thing that I noticed about this book is its very colourful and well illustrated. It’s a nice size book that’s not too small that you have to squint to look at. This book has definitely been thought about to cater for the children’s market. This book covers recipes from over 25 different countries.

Before you even start to cook the book has a very helpful hints and tips section where is shows you how to do such things as chop an onion , knead bread,making stock etc. All handy for your little chef/chefette to know.At the start of each countries recipes there is a brief description of the country as well as food associated with it, so not only useful but educational as well. Also some of the sections give you a brief history of the dish you are preparing

Each recipe is broken down with simple to follow illustrations as well brief description of what to do under each picture. You have a concise list of all the ingredients you are going to need. Simple step by step instructions to guide you from start to finish. This book is simplicity itself that’s full of relevant information. That will encourage and enthuse children to have a go at cooking.

So if you fancy a night off from cooking I would recommend Usbourne Children’s World Cookbook for your chef/chefette so that they can prepare you a gourmet meal .


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