Chinese New Year and Miffy

Happy Chinese New Year to you all

This year 2011 is the year of the Rabbit , to celebrate this Miffy author Dick Bruna has designed a series of new Miffy images to celebrate this

Some Useful Facts

People born in the Year of the Rabbit show creativity, compassion, and sensitivity. They are friendly, outgoing and prefer the company of others. They also prefer to avoid conflict. In confrontational situations, Rabbits approach calmly and with consideration for the other party. Rabbits believe strongly in friends and family and lacking such bonds can lead to emotional issues. (Source:

Some famous People that were born in the year of the rabbit

Miffy’s creator Dick Bruna isn’t that ironic as he created Miffy the rabbit (1927)
John Cleese (1939)
Robin Williams (1951)
Johnny Depp ( sorry he had to added as he my favourite actor ) (1963)
Angelina Jolie (1975)
Hilary Duff (1987)

To name just a few there a lot more celebrities that were born in the year of the rabbit

Some Famous Rabbits are

Peter Rabbit created by Beatrix Potter (1902)
Bugs Bunny (1944 )
Miffy (1955 )

I bet you didn’t know that rabbits actually purr like a cat when they are happy.

So if you are lucky enough to be born in the year of the rabbit you are in very good company.

May I wish you all a Very Happy Chinese New Year


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