Easiyo- The Simplest Way To Make Yogurt

I was sent the Easiyo yogurt maker kit , as a lover of yogurt I was eager to try it. I have never even looked into making yogurt as I imagined it took hours to make as a mum of a busy household of 4 young children I haven’t got that sort of time. So when I heard you can make yogurt in 3 simple steps I was curious to know more.

The easiyo is comprises of the Easiyo yogurt maker and real yogurt base. and a jar to used to mix it all together and store the yogurt in.

What are the 3 simple steps

1. Fill the jar half full of cold water, add the yogurt base of your choice and shake ( that is it, so simple so mess) to mix all the contents together until its all mixed thoroughly.

2. Pour boiling water into the yogurt maker level with the baffle inside .

3. Put the jar into the yogurt maker , so that it sits inside the red baffle. Put the lid on and leave for 8-12 hours.

What I did was make some yogurt and left it over night, so we had some ready for breakfast.

The kit comes with a recipe book to give you extra ideas of how to cook with yogurt, again something that I have never tried. Each sachet is enough to make 1litre of delicious yogurt

I found that the yogurt didn’t set properly after leaving it overnight, so it says in the book that you can leave in for 24 hours. I did this and the yogurt was very smooth,with a great taste.

The yogurt bases are available from Lakeland, and Holland and Barrett

If you are a yogurt lover I would highly recommend this for tasty homemade yogurt

For more information see

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