Fantastic Foil Art by Galt Toys

What is foil art , well this was something that I was going to find out all about . The concept behind Fantastic Foil Art by Galt is that you have 12 pre printed pictures, 40 stickers, 40 sheets of foil in a variety of colours The idea is that you have a pre printed picture and you peel the section that you want to add the foil which you by rubbing the foil on to the section . It’s up to you what colour you add and where, let your creative side take over. With the 40 stickers you can personalise them exactly the same way as the pictures

I have problems with doing art and crafts at home because my children have special needs and they only associate doing art and crafts at school, so I had a challenge on my hands, to convince them otherwise. They loved the bright colours of the foil and were immediately attracted to it. I explained what you had to do, but they couldn’t manage to peel paper off but I think that was more due to their poor motor skills than anything.

What I liked about this you can colour the pictures in so if you wanted a multi coloured lion then that is fine, it’s up to you. Best thing for me was there was no mess its a very clean activity which is very good news. Also another positive for me it was an activity you could easily come back to, there was no rush to get a picture completed. The finished results were so nice that if you wanted you hang them on the wall. The stickers were great as well as my children loves stickers, so I have told them they can personalise their stickers and I will use them for their sticker charts (which we use a lot in our house helps them cope with things). They love this idea and now when they look at their sticker chart they can say I made them, what a great confidence boost for them

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for some new ways for creative play you won’t go wrong with the Fantastic Foil Art by Galt


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