I was asked to review Flashcards courtesy of Orchard toys .Now to me these will be a great help as I have a 4-year-old daughter that has special needs as is unable to read or write.

Each card has the picture of the item with the word written underneath so it not only helps to promote recognition of the item but also teaches the child the word. There are various ways the cards can be used. We use them as a picture card so the child can tell me what picture is on each card. You could also use it to cover the pictures up and help the child recognise the words.

The great thing about these cards you can use them any way you want there are no set ways in which to use them. We use our to teach signing (Mackaton ) to our 4-year-old daughter. We show her a picture then the sign and gradually she is putting the 2 together. For my older son who is beginning to read we use it for him to recognise not only words but numbers as well, as some of the cards have numbers as well. You can use as few or as many cards as you want the choice is yours.

The cards are very well made with bright colours that catch the child’s eye, the illustrations are clear and it is very easy to see what the card represents. The writing underneath each card is very clear and concise and doesn’t take over the picture. I think it’s a good balance of the use of picture to the text. The text is printed on each side so you can choose how you want to use them.

I would highly recommend these cards to anyone that is beginning to read or just started reading as it will help them to become a confident reader and they won’t realise that they are learning as they will be having too much fun.

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