Flexi Bath The Portable Bath

I was sent the flexibath courtesy of the lovely people at simplesafety . The first thing that struck me how practical this was as it folded so could be carried almost anywhere great to take away on holidays.

I have always had problems with baby baths as I have found them too slippy and have never felt really comfortable bathing the baby . Then when I found my 10 month old baby had mobility problems and unable to sit up bath times became even more challenging as their was not enough support on my baby’s back. When I was sent the flexibath the first thing I saw that it would be a great asset due to the support on his back as I could hold him easily with one hand at one end to stop him thrashing forward or backwards. Now I am able to bath him on my own rather than waiting for my husband to be with me to assist as one held him and one washed him.

Another plus side of the bath is that the bath folds when not in use which is great news as baby baths always take up a lot of space and always are in the way so you have to remove them before bathing the other children. which makes it convenient, handy and can be taken anywhere.It is easily emptied due to the drain plug . I also found that when it emptied you didn’t have to clean and dry it out before you put it away, it drained all the water away. I have a 6-year-old son that is tall for his age and he can fit into with his knees bent up, quite comfortably.

The only thing I would change is the clip as it sticks up while the bath is open and the kids are immediately drawn to playing with it. Maybe if it could be made so you could twist it further down while the bath is open

I would recommend this to any mum of young children as it is suitable from 0-4 years so no more battles at bath times

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