Fresher Taste

I was asked to review the new Fresher Taste meals which are made by Findus

There are 4 available meals in the range, which are :

Tender Chicken Breast in a vintage cheddar and bacon sauce with a side of buttery broccoli, green beans and peas

Flaky Cod fillet in a creamy mornay sauce with a side of potatoes, broccoli, carrots and parsnips,

Roasted Chicken Breast in a sun dried tomato dressing with a side of potatoes, peppers and courgettes or

Wild Pacific Pink Salmon in a creamy white wine and asparagus sauce with a side of potatoes, beans, carrots and peas.

The great thing about these meals are that they can be cooked straight from frozen in the microwave within 9 minutes, perfect for a busy family or just someone who fancies a night off from cooking.

The instructions on the box are very easy and simple to follow , even down to which way up to put them in the microwave. Now we have all microwave meals at some point and I think of you will agree that microwave meals can be quite bland.
Well you are in for a surprise not only are these meals very easy to cook, they are so tasty as well.

We tried 2 of the meals the Wild salmon and Tender chicken ,

The chicken melted in your mouth , the sauce was full of flavour and perfectly complemented the meat , the vegetables were just nice and crisp

The Wild Salmon again it melted in your mouth just cooked to perfection, the sauce to accompany was the perfect consistency not too runny , again the vegetables were just nice and crisp.

I would highly recommend these meals and they are not only convenient , the portion size is perfect for one, there are a very tasty meal just as if you cooked it yourself, you would never know it was a frozen meal.

RRP £3.99


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