Goodness Direct

Thank-you to the lovely people at Goodness Direct I was fortunate to receive some items from their website to review.

Goodness Direct is as a one stop shop for all that is natural, healthy eco and organic as quoted from their catalogue. They sell items from baby milk to natural shampoos and conditioners to hampers of organic food, to household items.

I was lucky to be sent some Japanese Tooth powder , now I must admit this is something that I have never come across let alone heard of . I was very interested to test it out. So I asked my husband as well to test it with me

Our verdict was You can taste the sea salt in it but it does refreshed your mouth and clean your teeth.

Next is some Figs I eat figs but only very occasionally,the figs were very tasty and I would highly recommend them.

Then lastly I was sent a bar of mango and brazil cereal health bar. Again this is not a combination I would put together but it worked well the tastes complimented each other.

I must admit doing this review has opened my eyes to healthier foods as I always assumed it was just nuts and seeds etc. Instead you can get all you need for your family and household

For more information on see

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