I Love My Buggysnuggle

I don’t know if you are like me but I think I have bought nearly every sort of cosy toes for different prams over the years and I have never really found one that I can honestly say that I like. So when I was asked to review the buggysnuggle I jumped at the chance.

It’s such a simple concept but you can tell a lot of thought has gone in to the design and detail ,all sort of scenarios have been covered. Let me tell you a bit more about the babysnuggle . Well what I liked about it was it is designed to grow with the baby so for me its a really good investment which in today’s economic climate is a must . It has an elasticated back so it’s designed to fit to most prams and buggies so its versatile. It is made of a fleece fabric so it keeps the baby warm and the most clever bit about the buggysnuggle is it is designed with a two way zip. Perfect if your child has muddy footwear they can still sit in the buggysnuggle and get it covered in mud. Plus the whole of the top can be unzipped so you could use the underneath as a pram liner

My son is 1-year-old but he is not your typical toddler as he is unable to walk due to mobility problems and with this he has severe problems in keeping warm. So much so that when I used a cosy toes I had to use a blanket as well to keep him warm. I found with the buggysnuggle as it was made of fleece both sides it kept him lovely and warm and there was no need for an additional blanket. He also has texture issues and he only likes things that are soft and fluffy and he absolutely adores the feel of the fabric used for the buggysnuggle.

With a vast array of designs to choose from they cater for every tastes and budgets they even have some if you prefer something more luxurious

Please go and have a look at buggysnuggle with prices starting at £35.74 its such a small price to pay for your child’s comfort


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