In The Night Garden Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle

If your children are anything like mine they love In The Night garden. My little girl loves Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy

When we were sent the Igglepiggle to test out my daughter was over the moon. The first thing that struck on receiving Igglepiggle was the packaging its was brightly coloured and make it eye-catching a very big bonus when the toy is sat on the shelf in a toy shop.Also it had a clear front so that you could definitely see what you were buying.

The Igglepiggle Goodnight Friend comes with his red blanket and his lantern just like the one from In The Night Garden series on tv.The latern lights up which is perfect if your little one is scared of the dark. This Igglepiggle is dressed in his pyjamas which you can take on or off helping children to learn how to get dressed and undressed. He also has little red slippers which again the child can take on and off, which helps them learn how put on and take off footwear.He also comes with a little story book. This will all help get the child into a bed time routine.

My little girl has the problem with the dark and many a night has woken us up because she is scared of the dark, even though she has a night-light. I found that since receiving the Igglepiggle she stays in her bed for longer and sometimes over night. As she says ” Igglepiggle isn’t scared of the dark, he has his light “Igglepiggle’s little lantern switches on and off which fascinated my daughter for hours

I would highly recommend In The Night Garden Goodnight Friend Igglepiggle to any In The Night garden fan as they will have hours of fun dressing him and undressing him, plus comfort for them at night
Age: 18 months + SRP: £19.99


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