Jackson Reece Wipes – A wipe for all occasions

I was asked to test Jackson Reece bio-degradable baby wipes.

I found them to be silky soft which is a bonus for wiping babies faces as it doesn’t cause any irritants. The wipes are very moist which helps when removing faecal matter, you don’t end up using half as many wipes as you would from the cheaper market brands. . The amount of times I have had to throw packs of baby wipes away because they have dried up, thus wasting money.The wipes  also come out of the packet individually not in a big clump, which is another money-saving benefit.

After using these wipes I have found that they can be used  for various jobs from wiping faces and bums to cleaning stains off clothes. I only found this out when we went out for the day and my eldest daughter was travel sick all over her clothes. The only thing I had to hand were my pack of baby wipes. I found that if you rubbed hard enough it creates a foam which helps remove the stain. Also there is a very pleasant smell to the baby wipes which masks any unpleasant odours. the wipes are infused with a unique natural balm, a balance of organic Tea Tree and Aloe Vera and an essential oil of lavender.

The biggest selling point of these wipes are that not only are they kind to the environment by being bio-degradable, they are also kind to the skin by using natural products.

Also in the Jackson Reece range are natural flushable wipes, these have all the same benefits as the baby wipes with the added bonus of being able to flush them down the toilet.

For more information see http://www.jacksonreece.com/


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