La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm Ap

The lovely people from Escentualdotcom on twitter gave me the opportunity to test this cream out. It is Lipid replenishing body balm that can be used on severe dry skin conditions for anyone from babies to adults alike.

When it arrived I was looking forward to trying it as my daughter suffers from eczema on the back of her neck and many a morning she has come downstairs with her neck bleeding from where she has scratched it. I have tried all sorts of creams and lotions to reduce the irritation but nothing has really worked.

I was very intrigued to see how this cream could help as the tube is so small it doesn’t look like it could last more than a day . Well that’s where I was wrong. The Lipikar Balm AP has been an absolute godsend,the tube will last a while as you only need to apply a small amount as it soon absorbs into the skin. It is so effective it relived her itching and within a few days of using it twice a day . Her neck started to look better and the irritation had gone.

The best thing I think is a great selling point is that the Lipid Balm Ap doesn’t just sooth the skin for a few hours it is a longer lasting relief. Which as a parent is a great comfort to know that my daughter is not in discomfort.

I would highly recommend this for anyone that suffers from dry irritable skin .

For more information see

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