Lego Hero Factory

I was really excited when I found that I had been picked to do a review on the new Lego Hero Factory.
I spent hours as a child playing with Lego building all sorts of different things, from houses to cars, to tall rockets . As I’m sure most children did and still do.

We were lucky to receive Meltdown and Furno . The instructions were clear and concise and it showed you in step by step coloured pictures where and how to put the pieces together.

The heroes were very easy to put together and each piece snaps into place really easily. The pieces are on a ball joint which gives them to more freedom of movement

The play ability of these heroes are endless, you could have a scenario of the 2 heroes fighting for supremacy of the world and then next time you could use both of them together to save the world. Let your imagination run free.

I liked the boxes that they came in so colourful yet so useful, as you could put the hero in fully built, which stops any little bits straying all over the house.

It kept my daughter entertained for hours, building them and playing with them. Now this is the same person that normally gets bored very easily . It also got her to use her imagination rather than just sitting in front of the television all the time.

Lego Hero Factory has both Heroes and Villains in its range

Heroes are :- Preston Stormer, Natalie Breez, William Furno, Dunkan Bulk, Mark Surge,
Jimi Stringer, Bulk and Vapour

Villains are:- Xplode, Meltdown,Corroder, Thunder, Von Nebula,Rotor

For more information see

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