Magic Train Ride – Book Review

I was lucky enough to be picked to review the Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree courtesy of

My first impressions of the book that the cover was very colourful and eye-catching. The book is very well illustrated and not too cluttered with pictures, I think it has just the right balance of pictures per page. The pictures are very simple that children can relate to .

This is a lovely story about a train journey that takes you to all sorts of wonderful places. You get given a ticket that allows you to board the train to start your magical journey. This journey takes you to different places and lots of things to see.

I like the way you can use the book in a variety of ways, which keeps the reader’s interest. You could read it one day then the next you can do counting games, name items on the page there is so much choice. This book could be used for a bedtime story to whisk the child into dreamland.

This book is suitable for ages 3-7  and costs £4.99 for the paperback.

Also it is available on CD which includes the book for £6.99

For more information on Barefootbooks see

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