Hotter Terra Boots – make happy feet

I was lucky enough to be asked to review Gore-tex walking boots from Hotter.

I have always had trouble finding boots to fit me as I have awkward size feet, the boots are normally too big so I have wear multiple pairs of socks and end up with hot sweaty feet or even worse blisters or they are too small they pinch my feet so much that I am unable to walk in comfort. When I tried these boots I found them to be very comfy and light, the moulded to me feet like a second skin and I had to keep checking I actually had boots on.

As I walk everywhere a comfy pair of boots is an absolute necessity for me but not only have they got to be comfy but keep my feet warm and dry. After having umpteen pairs of boots I can say I have not managed this yet. These boots are not only comfy but waterproof as well with the use of the GORE-TEX and with the humidity control your feet stay fresh as the boots are breathable.

These boots offer a lot of support on your ankles with plenty of padding, this and the cushioned removable insoles stopped my legs and back aching. . They have scuff resistant toes and heels which is good news for me as I push a buggy and I often find constantly using the kick board on the buggy to get it up kerbs ruins my boots and shoes. The outer soles have a good tread on them which made me feel confident in the wet slippy conditions we have had recently. I wasn’t doing little sparrow steps I was able to walk normally and had warm/dry feet.

So now thanks to Hotter I now feel confident to walk in any weather on any terrain as I know my feet will be kept warm and dry. I would highly recommend these shoes .

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5 responses to “Hotter Terra Boots – make happy feet

  1. Brilliant review – I’d kill for a pair of these. I’m a non-driver and spend a lot of time walking, both through necessity and for enjoyment and these sound just the ticket!

  2. I like hotter, but I wish they’d make the soles more springy and put in more arch support. They used to, but they seem to have taken it away in lots of styles.

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