Marmaduke is a talking Great Dane that has bags of personality and always seems to get into trouble. Marmaduke has a great life living in Kansas with his owners Phil and Debbie and their 3 children Barbara, Brian and Sarah. All is going well till Phil gets offered a job in California and Marmadukes life is turned upside down.

He soon learns valuable life lessons, one of them is in the park where there are 2 gangs the Mutts and the Pedigrees. He tries to get on with all of them but soon finds this doesn’t go to plan. When he develops a crush on his dream dog who is a pedigree, it leads to a massive fallout with not only the other members of both gangs but his family as well.

This is not just a story about first love , which by the way is perfect for is release date of Valentine’s day it also has some very funny scenes in it.
My personal favourite is the surf competition for dogs so funny, Marmaduke’s fight with the cat flap is another good scene. Then there is a party that gets out of hand which I’m sure a lot of us can relate to , the chaos it causes. You have to feel sorry for him the situations he gets himself into, most of the its not his fault.

Owen Wilson being the voice of Marmaduke
Fergie from Black Eyed Peas as the voice of Jezebel
Kiefer Sutherland as Boscoe

This film is a great family film and if you’re a dog lover like me you will love it


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