Me Finder – Why Every Child Should Have One

I was given ME Finder by Show and Tell to test out, this is what I think

What is a ?; ME FINDER well it is a new take on an existing product. Let me tell you a bit more. Who has ever been on a crowded beach or big gathering where children get given a paper wrist band so you can put your mobile number on if they get lost. Of these same wrist bands how many get ripped, wet or just generally lost. I can hear you say a lot.

I go to a lot of airshows. Imagine the scenario lots of people rushing to get to the event, children get caught up in all of this and they are soon lost. You have been given a paper wrist band for them that has your mobile number and you put on them, you are waiting for your phone to ring to say some kind person has found them but no, there is no call. What you don’t know is that the wrist band has been caught and has come off,queue massive panic. You are frantically searching for them till at last you are reunited with your child. How can you avoid this situation well that’s where the Me Finder comes in.

Me Finder is a new invention from a mum that had a similar experience , I can tell you it every parent’s nightmare. The Me Finder is a new digital wristband for children. The clever thing about this is it has a child proof fastening which is a great relief as you know it won’t come off very easy. The most important feature of the Me Finder is that it store 5 phone numbers , so you’re not restricted to just one number.
The idea is that if the child is lost they show a “safe” adult their wristband and tell them to phone mum/dad etc. So this as parents gives you a bit more reassurance that your child is going to be safe and you will soon be reunited with them. Also another positive factor of the Me Finder are they are waterproof which is great news if you’re in the beach and the kids are playing in the water. No more soggy wristbands that become illegible as soon as they get wet.

The Me Finder has all the instructions of how to set it printed inside the box, I did find it a bit tricky to store the numbers but if you need any help you go to the website kids show and tell website where you have 2 options to view the instructions,either by You Tube or just downloading them.

A lot of thought has been given to these wristbands, not only have they got a childproof fastening, waterproof, the information cannot be altered by simply pressing a button. For myself as a parent this is a great reassurance. They come in three funky designs, the only difficulty you will have now is to first choose which design you like and second to get the children to take the wrist bands off.

So gone are the days of soggy paper wristbands or writing your mobile number on your child’s arm. Priced at £14.99 I think it’s a small price to pay for your piece of mind

For more information on Me Finder by Show and Tell


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