Miffy Soft Baby Book

I was sent the Miffy Soft Baby Book perfect for the inquisitive baby, It is full of sensory stimulation and different textures for the baby to investigate.

What I liked about was it is so colourful , with the use of very eye-catching colours to get the attention of the baby. It has a wide selection of pictures including some of Miffy. The book is 19cm by 19cm just the right size for little hands and the best thing is it is indestructible, so it can be chewed, thrown, crumpled up and won’t be able to be destroyed.

Each page has a different sensory stimulation, such as wool to stroke, Miffy’s ears to pull, duck to quack, mirror and rattle. You can even play hide and seek with Miffy. My baby is 11 months old and has sensory issues he only likes certain textures I can tell you he absolutely loves this book he won’t let it go. He sits for hours just making the book rattle or playing with the different textures.

I can highly recommend this to any parent of a young baby .

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