Mirrorin The Stylish and Childproof Mirror

I have always had a problem with having mirrors in my house as I have an autistic son and a daughter with special needs and when they get angry they tend to throw things, in fact the first thing they can pick up. So when I heard about Mirrorin and the fact that they made shatterproof and childproof I was eager to find out more.

After debating for hours on the lovely styles that were available that range from Butterflies to Rockets I finally chose the love heart which would look great in my daughters bedroom.

These mirrors are brilliant not only are they shatterproof and almost unbreakable they are very decorative, they come in all sorts of shapes and funky styles perfect for your fashionista. If you wanted some educational value they even cover that as well with Letters and number mirrors.

The mirrors are so easy to put up and instructions are very clear and concise. The adhesive pads are included with your mirror so you haven’t got to mess about or go out and buy and accessories to hang it, it’s all in the kit already for you.

I was very impressed with this as not only was it a mirror it made a nice centre piece in the girls room. It has already been put to the test and I can say that it is unbreakable. Now rather than trying to break it they are too busy looking at themselves in it and preening themselves.

So if your looking for a mirror that looks stylish and is childproof then see

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