MoonSand Review

I must admit that I have seen the adverts of moonsand but it’s not something I have thought about to get for my children. As I have 3 children with special needs that have sensory issues, I didn’t think it would appeal to them.

We were sent the Construction Destruction set and the Sweet Delights Candy Factory, for the purpose of this review I will talk about them separately.

    Construction Destruction

The set includes everything you need to construct a house, such as small and large block mould, 2 bags of moonsand, you even get a construction worker and a shovel.

The sand is easy to use you just need to need to squish and squash the sand in your hands as stated in the instructions that way the sand will become soft enough you to mold it. The sand is easily pushed into the molds and I found that it was better if you tapped the mold on a hard surface to get your creation out.

I was a bit worried that my son who is 6 wouldn’t play with the moonsand has he has sensory issues with textures and very little imaginative play ability. I was amazed that he took to it straight away. he sat on the floor quite happily playing with his dad constructing a house and thought it was funny when he pressed the detonator and the house came crashing down. It kept him entertained for at least half an hour.

    Sweet Delights Candy Factory

This set contains everything you need to make brightly coloured delicious sweets including a candy maker, different molds, measuring cup and 2 bags of coloured sand this time green and pink.

Again as before you need to prepare the moonsand before playing. My 2 daughters aged 10 and 4 years old loved this set. They played quite happily making different variations of sweets. The candy maker is very easy to assemble you press the handle of the candy maker to press the the moonsand in to the mould and turns the wheel to make your next sweet. You can let your imagination take over to create some very delectable sweets. They pretend they owned a sweet shop and were making sweets to sell

What I liked about moonsand that it doesn’t dry up, if it does fall on the carpet it is easy to hoover up. It’s easy to use, it doesn’t stain clothing. The best factor for me is that that sand box playset not only acts as the background but also as a storage for the set . I would highly recommend this just purely for the creativity factor and the fact it encourages imaginative play.

For more information see Moonsand


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