Nokia E72 and Headset

For the next 2 weeks I have a new toy to play with thanks to the lovely people at Womworldnokia and especially to Paul . They have let me play sorry review the Nokia bluetooth headset but as well as that they have sent me a phone to go with it so at the moment i am the proud owner of an Nokia E72.

First impressions of the headset are very good, love its slick look, so practical. I have only been using it a couple of days and already I have found invaluable. As it means I can get on with jobs around the house and not have to hunt for my phone to answer it. Also its great when |I am pushing the pram or walking with the kids I don’t have to stop and do that weird mummy move, you know the one crouch down to hold the phone on your shoulder as you push the buggy. This is just my first impression part 2 will be written later on ……. to be continued


4 responses to “Nokia E72 and Headset

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  2. Well to be blunt that looks like it pees all over my Nokia 2220 which is a great phone in itself. Can’t wait to hear more! Is it very like a BB?

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