Nokia’s Perfect Combo Perfect For Those On The Move

Following from previous post of my first impression of the Nokia E72 phone and the BH-217 blue tooth headset from Womworldnokia.

I am going to tell you how I got on with this combination of phone and headset rather than just do a review on the specifications. After using this for 2 weeks I soon learnt how invaluable this combo is. I have always associated headset’s with business types and would never dream of buying one for myself I mean how would it be beneficial to me in my every day life.

Well I was totally amazed that this little piece of kit could make such a difference to my hectic life style. I am always on the go and forever forgetting to carry my phone with me as I move around the house, so when it rings it is a mad dash to try to find the phone. Or more often than not I am busy and the phone will go and then I miss the call, so that’s more time to find out who called you and then ring them back. With this combo I found that I could leave the phone on top of the freezer safely away from little hands and just wear the headset to answer the calls .

What I liked about the headset was that it is so small and discrete and people can’t really tell you are wearing it. Also a big bonus for me was the volume adjusted to cut out the background noise, the sound was crystal clear and it was very easy to synchronise with the phone.
It was so easy to answer the phone and it allowed me to carry on doing my jobs. So no more missed calls.

When I was out it was great as I could store my phone in my handbag as I don’t really like using my phone in the street and could answer the phone discretely . Although people did look at me a bit funny thinking I had lost the plot and talking to myself. This was a bonus for me as I could take the phone call while looking after my children, rather than having to stop while I found my phone and them getting anxious and upset.

I would highly recommend a headset to any busy household and don’t be fooled by the assumption of it’s just for business people because was I pleasantly surprised of how invaluable this became for me.

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