Pabobo – The Cute Alternative To A Night Light

I was sent some lovely and cute nightlights Pabobo . I was lucky to review the Barbapapa chain light . Which when they arrived looked so cute in the box, I was eager to test them out

The first thing I noticed was the unusual novelty value of them which is something quite unique.The combination of the shape of the lights and colours work very well together giving you a lovely looking night-light. The Barbapapa chain light gives you 20 eco-friendly LED’s on a 4.8m length of wire so perfect to adorn any child’s bedroom, which is great as this means that the light is not confined to one particular spot. The lights are child friendly as they are cold to the touch.

I used mine for my daughter who is 4 and has Special Needs who is petrified of being in the dark. After years of buying various types of nights lights, which have turned out to either be too bright that she was unable to sleep or too dark that she wasn’t happy, I have never been able to find the happy medium. I put the Barbapapa in her room and hung them on the wall near her bed and it gave her room a nice subtle glow which took the edge off the darkness. Cue one happy little girl who had a great night’s sleep without being scared. I would highly recommend these to anyone that has a child scared of the dark or you just want to give a room a more subtle lighting effect.

The Barbapapa chain light is available in 2 versions you have the choice of Girly softer tones which include pink and purples etc or Boyish stronger tones blue, reds etc.

For more information and to view the other types of lights available see

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