Paw Ridge – The Quick and Easy Porridge

How many of us have spent time making porridge either to have made it too thick or too watery then the children won’t eat it.

Well Paw Ridge has obviously thought about this and has come up with a unique and fool-proof way of making porridge. Perfect porridge in 90 seconds how good is that?
The instructions are very simple and concise on the packet and the clever thing is you use the packet as a measure so no messing with jugs, cups etc. Then pop it in the microwave and there you have the perfect porridge.
The taste verdict was a very nice subtle taste of blueberries that wasn’t too over powering to spoil the taste. I would recommend this to any busy household. A tasty bowl of porridge in the time it takes to boil a kettle


One response to “Paw Ridge – The Quick and Easy Porridge

  1. Once when I was making porridge in the mircowave where I worked I actually cooked it for 5 minutes as it didn’t seem to be thickening up! After 5 minutes there was an explosion and as I had to scrape it off the microwave, I realised it was thicker than expected!

    I amy give this a go – I am very impatient and always end up sticking porridge in for a little longer but if this does produce perfect porridge in 90 seconds I am willing to give it a go!!x

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