Play- Doh Fun factory

Who remembers as a child playing with play-doh making weird and wonderful creatures from long snakes to funny shaped animals to headbands. We have all done come on admit it.

When I had the chance to test the Play-doh fun factory of course I jumped at the chance if only to relive some of my childhood.

The first thing I noticed was the box how eye-catching it was with its bright colours, plus it had an open front so you could see exactly what you were buying, another plus point . The fun factory itself is also brightly coloured which for me is a bonus as I have an autistic son and he is very particular what colour his toys are, they have to be brightly coloured for him to play with it. he also has sensory issues so I was a bit dubious as if he would play with the play doh, oh how wrong I was he loved it.

The box comes with the 2 pots of playdoh red & blue plus a small plastic blunt crafting tool to help you sculpt all your wonderful creations, plus the Fun Factory with a dial on the front with 8 different shapes. You place the play doh inside the fun factory press the handle of the Fun factory down, choose the shape you want and watch as the play doh comes out in that shape e.g flowers.

My children loved this and spent a good hour playing this wonderful creations like one of the children made flowers, another one made triangles . Then the play doh started to mix so instead of red and blue we ended up with purple. then as well as making things with the Fun factory they started to roll the play-doh out like a big sausage. The memories of my childhood came flooding back and I was 8 years old again playing with play-doh on the dining table.

Would I recommend this yes of course I would it is so versatile, it encourages children to use their imaginations and creative side. Thanks Play-doh


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