Pop To The Shops

Orchard Toys – Pop To The Shops

My children love to play shops and they thought this game was great and they get to handle money even if it was only play money. This is a great role play game.

You are given a shop to look after and you have the choice of Newsagent, Bakery, Green Grocer and Mini Market. The object of the game is to fulfill a shopping list without over spending. You place all the cards face down on the table, pick a card up and make your way round the board to the shop that sell the item that’s on your card, you do this by rolling the dice. This is great for promoting turn taking and counting as it encourages the child to count as you move your character round the board. When you get to the shop you have to ask the shop keeper politely for the item and pay for it this is helping promote social interaction, value of coins and encouraging children with their maths.The boards to make up the game are very well constructed and illustrated to fit in with the game.The pieces are big enough for younger children to pick up.

My children after playing the game decided to devise their own game. They pretended one of them were shop keeper, one was the bank manager, the other one was the customer. So the customer had to go to the bank to get some money, then go shopping. They used the cards as relevant items to fill their shopping basket. Then the shop keeper and the end of the day took the money to the bank, great role play.Also shows how this game is very adaptable.

For 20 minutes of educational fun I can fully recommend the Pop To The Shops game

This game is for ages 5-9 years and can be used for 2-4 players

For more information see Orchard Toys


2 responses to “Pop To The Shops

  1. My kids love the games from Orchard Toys. They have some of the neatest games.

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