Review of Doro Walkie Talkie WT91

I was sent a set of Doro Walkie Talkies WT91 XPRO

How many can remember during their childhood playing with 2 cans and a piece of string, to act as a phone, which then as the years went on the kids progressed them to walkie talkies. We all played them sort of games and can you remember the fun you had as well. Now technology has come on in leaps and bounds and the Doro Walkie Talkie was born.

Let me tell you a bit about them, well apart from looking very stylish, they are so robust and completely waterproof. With a rubberized outer, which allows you to grip it better. It comes with a headset for each walkie-talkie, A battery charger for both sets to charge in and 12v car charger so you can charge them up whilst your out and about. The sets come with the rechargeable batteries so there is no additional cost, in setting it up. The range is where I think these differ from other walkie talkies as it has an outside range of up to 10km, and inside range of up to 150 metres. The sound is crystal clear with no interference and the display on the front of the set is a LCD

How would this benefit me, I hear you ask, well let me tell you how I use them to give you some ideas. I live in a 3 storey house and I have lost count of the times I have stood at the bottom of the stairs shouting the kids. They don’t hear me, so I go upstairs to get told well I couldn’t hear you. Well the walkie talkies stop this problem now. They have a walkie-talkie set upstairs and we have one downstairs , so I just press the bell button on the front of the walkie-talkie to get their attention and then speak to them. Another use for them is we are lucky to live by the beach and we often go there in the day. I give a walkie talkie to my oldest daughter as the 3 of them all go off and play on the beach , while I stay on the on the prom with the baby. So now I can get their attention when they wander too far away instead of screaming like a demented banshee and running after them. We attend a lot of airshows so when we go we will be taking them with us so we can contact each other if we get split up.

So from my point of view these walkie talkies are not only good for professionals to use say in such as building sites etc. They are good for the family environment and a great way to keep in contact with the kids in large crowds. So thanks to Doro there is no more screaming like a demented banshee trying to get the kids attention.

For more information see Doro WT91 xpro


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