Review on Travelling With Children

As any parent knows travelling with children can sometimes be a nightmare especially to organise a holiday in the firs place. There are lots of questions to answer, like which holiday to choose, what sort of holiday is best for my family, what do I need to pack, what sort of holidays are available to me this list is endless

Well you should read Travelling with Children A Parent’s Guide by Catherine Cooper
Not only is this book so informative of the choices that available there are suggestions of different sorts of holidays some that you probably hadn’t thought of. The thing that I liked about this book is that not only does a chapter cover one specific area, case studies are used to put a point across, so you can read about Peoples’ experiences first hand. Another great point about this book is that you can use it to suit you, you could read it like a normal book all the way through or you could cherry pick the information you require either way works as equally as well.

The book covers all eventualities even explaining what to do when things go wrong and lets face it sometimes they do go wrong, it tells you who you should talk to about your concerns. The message is quite clear don’t suffer in silence if you’re not happy with the accommodation etc tell someone. This is just one snippet of useful information contained within the book.

The book touches on a lot of different subjects so it is very useful for anyone to use as I am sure that there is something in this book for everyone. I personally like the chapter on Holidays on a budget, it shows you different ways of saving up for that much-needed holiday and gives you suggestions of alternative holidays if your budget is a bit tight.

I would highly recommend this to any parent thinking about a holiday this book is a very useful invaluable tool as it covers all aspects and ways of travelling.

You can find more helpful advice on this useful blog by Catherine Travelling with children


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