Story Cubes A New Way To Use Your Imagination

I was sent these story cubes to review, its something new and so different, great way to stir up your imagination and let it run wild. The thing I liked about the cubes were the possibilities are endless.

You have 9 cubes all with a picture on each face of the cube, that’s 54 images to play with. The idea is that you throw all 9 cubes and start with “Once upon a time” and pick a cube to start the story. Then the idea of the game is to continue the story using the 9 cubes. If however you wanted to make a smaller story you need only use a few cubes. What I liked about this was there are no set limits or ways to play the game it’s however, you want to play it.

My children picked the game up and even though there are only young they were able to enjoy the fun as they made their own little stories up. It was great to see them use their imagination and creativity. It’s a game that could be put in your bag or even pocket and played almost anywhere. One perfect place to play it would be long car journeys to stop that “mum I’m bored”, “Are we here yet ” syndrome. Instead this will keep them entertained so much they won’t realise how quickly the journey has passed.

The cubes are very well made and the pictures are cut into the dice which is then painted on instead of just printed on so they are built to last and withstand a lot of use. They come in their own box so they are easy to store

The best thing about these cubes that the play factor is endless and no two games will ever be the same. You can play this game alone or with family the choice is yours.

Rory’s story cubes are avaliable Happy Puzzle and Gameslore


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