Sweet Junkie The Ultimate Sweet Heaven

The lovely people at Sweet Junkie gave me the opportunity to review selection of sweets , now who could turn an offer like that down.

Visiting Sweet Junkie is like going to a sweet shop as a child all the retro sweets at you finger tips pure heaven. Shall I tell you a little more about this great company they sell retro sweets just like the ones’ we used to get as children. The Aniseed Balls who can remember resisting the urge to crunch them, they still have the great taste of aniseed. Then we have a new sweet on the block Apple Bonbon , so full of flavour and very chewy with a very distinct taste of apple.

The Assorted toffee sweets were only chewy but had a really nice texture to them. The Peppermint creams before you undo the wrapper you can smell the aroma of peppermint. The sweet just melts in your mouth with a very pleasant taste . The Mint imperial has a very refreshing minty taste. Aniseed twists are not only sugar-free but also has a very pleasant aniseed flavour, brings back memories of sneaking a bag into class and try eating them without the teacher seeing. blackcurrant millions were a very refreshing sweet you can definitely taste the blackcurrant. Pink sugar mice if your like me you love sugar mice, well you are in for a treat with this one , it will take a while to eat so enjoy and savour every minute . Then we have the good old boiled sweet fruit drop no car journey is complete without boiled sweets. These fruit drops are very tasty.

So if you fancy a trip down memory lane or fancy introducing your children to share in a piece of your childhood then take a look at sweet junkie , go on you know you want to.


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