The Funky Monkey T-shirt

I was sent a t-shirt to review from t-shirt printing the fact it had a logo of a monkey won me over straight away, as I love monkeys.

The t-shirt is grey and with the use of bright colours on the logo of pink, yellow and blue it makes it eye-catching, your eye is immediately drawn to the logo. The logo is of a smiling funky monkey which immediately makes you feel happy, the logo is of a good quality as it doesn’t peel off as soon as you wash it. I think the t-shirts are very generously sized and for me I like the baggy fits.

They are made of a heavy cotton which is a bonus as I always find the use of heavy cotton makes the t-shirt hang better and stops it becoming misshaped when it gets pulled by demanding children or in the wash and it goes back to its original shape. They wash very well put as the instructions say wash it inside out so as to stop the logo rubbing on other clothes in the wash.

So if you are looking for a good quality screen printing/personalised t-shirt then look no further than

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