The Multipurpose Theraline Pillow

I was sent the Thearline nursing pillow courtesy of PJP PR who kindly sent us one to test.

The first thing that struck me was how light it was it’s filled with millions of micro beads that make it as light as a feather quoted from Theralines website. This makes it perfect for contouring to you body’s shape.

I have to admit I asked to test this not to use as a maternity or nursing pillow as it’s designed for. Instead I used it for my 9 month old baby that has mobility problems. It’s absolutely fantastic it has helped him so much. He can’t sit up so he has to be propped up all the time which is quite difficult to do with normal cushions and pillows but with the Theraline Pillow it not only supports him it contours to his shape which in turn makes it more comfortable for him. I have noticed since using it he doesn’t wiggle and squirm so much when he is sat propped up. Before he would slide himself down and I would spend ages repositioning him.

Another use I found for the pillow is he has to exercises each day whilst lying on his belly again this helped support him as he does his exercises. Also it makes a great nest when he is lying on the floor, I put it next to the settee and the pillow round him and its great it lets him have some floor time.

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