The Snowman

I was asked to review The Snowman The Live Show

I think most us know the story of The Snowman – it’s about a snowman that the boy has built comes to life and the story follows the magical adventure they both go on. As they travel across the night sky , through enchanting lands, encountering a host of friends along the way

Every Christmas we watch The Snowman , its like a tradition. All the children love the story and I can actually say that it is one of the few films they sit and watch. So when I was asked to review this dvd I was very excited. I wanted to see how they could change a well-known film to live stage and would it still be magical.

Well what can I say about this version except brilliant, it still retains all the qualities of the original with some added magic. I think it has helped actually bringing the characters to life you can identify with them more. The dance routines are very elaborate but very much in keeping with show. There are a few new characters that are introduced such as Jack Frost, Ice Princess Father Christmas. I think the characters old and new are a perfect mix and help enhance the show, to keep the viewer enthralled.

It’s still has the well-known song “Walking In The Air ” which has been brought to life with some fantastic Ariel flying. Which i feel adds more magic to the play. The music is based on the original score that has been expanded special for the show.

My children loved it my 10 year old daughter said that she loved the dance routines and the music made her feel very happy. She thought the Ice Queen dancing was a good scene.

My son who is autistic said he thought everyone looked happy and he liked the Snowman because he was very kind.

Over all verdict we loved it definitely a dvd I would buy, we give it 9/10 . Only because for younger children it might be a bit too long for them to sit and watch.


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