Tiddley Pom Nappy Balm

Tiddley Pom is a Natural Spa range that recommends 4 stages to help calm and relax the baby .

I was lucky enough to test stage 4 which was the Organic Natural Balm.

My first impressions on receiving the Organic nappy balm was the box, it was so distinctive and you could tell just by the box that the product inside was going to be of a high quality. The Nappy Balm itself comes in a very small pot which you won’t think would last very long how wrong I was . You only need to use a small amount as it goes a long way as it is so easily absorbed into the baby’s skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feel to the skin. It has a very subtle fragrance to it that is not overpowering.

When I tested it my baby had a severe red bottom from teething. After using this cream every nappy change I noticed that after a couple of times , his bottom started to get better and within a few days it was a lot better.

The pot is so small you can easily take it with you on trips out, just pop it into your changing bag and you have the reassurance that your baby will not get sore whilst your out and about.

The box and the jar have all the information of what is in the product plus contact details of the web site and email address should you need anymore information.

I would highly recommend the Tiddley Pom Organic Nappy Balm to any mum as it is not only pleasant to use but it also protects the baby.

For more information please visit

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