Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Hygiene Range

I know I have said this before but I love Tommee Tippee they are definitely a brand you can trust and rely on. When I heard all about the new closer to nature hygiene range I was very curious to know more. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the launch so instead they were kind enough to send me some products of this range to review and test.

The first of the new range is the steri-fluid What I liked about this its a steri-fluid that doesn’t have a chemical smell and it does exactly what it says sterilise your baby’s bottles, etc and perfect to be used in conjunction with a cold water sterilise.

There is also the hand serum this is great for keeping your hands hygenically clean through out the day whilst seeing to your baby. I like the fact that it comes in 2 sizes of bottles so you could use one at home and one whilst your out and about. To me this rubs into your skin very easy without leaving a residue. It has a very subtle aroma that lasts on your skin it doesn’t disappear within a few minutes. It gives you up to 6 hours of protection from germs.

The wipes These are very handy and useful to have especially on trips out. If your baby is like mine they throw their dummy, toys on the floor , then as soon as they get them back the dummy or toy goes straight into their mouth, just think of all the germs they are picking up. Also did you know the mouth carries over 1 million bacteria in it, so it is really not a good idea putting the dummy in your mouth to clean it and then give it the baby. Thats where the wipes come in handy you can clean the dummy, throw the wipe away and get rid of 99.9% of the bacteria and germs it picked up from falling on the floor.

So if you’re looking for products to protect your baby from germs then take a look at the Closer to Nature Hygiene Range


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