Tommee Tippee Monitor Review

Wow haven’t babymonitors come on so much these last few years. When I was sent a monitor from Tommee Tippee to review, it was a wow moment as I opened the box. Not only does the monitor look sleek and stylish I’m sure it would fit into any decor of any room.

What can I tell you about this monitor well firstly it is so easy to link the parenting unit to the baby unit , it takes just second. The sound is so crystal clear. I live in a 3 storey house I have the baby unit in the main bedroom at the top of the house , the monitor is so good it was picking up everything on the middle landing to give me more peace of mind as I can hear the other 3 children as well.

It’s very easy to use and with the use of DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology which means interference free monitoring which is good news if you are like me and live near families with small children. The last monitor I had years ago used to pick someone else’s monitor up very confusing and embarrassing . From the living room I can hear my baby in his cot breathing away so soundly and if he gets restless I can talk to him and reassure him as it has a talk back feature.

The monitors are full of useful extras with a temperature gauge in both monitors so it lets the parents see exactly how warm or cool the baby’s room is. Another added bonus are the night-light on the baby unit is controlled by the parent unit, so no running up and downstairs to switch the light off. The parent unit has a belt clip so it is very portable and you carry it round the house with you and with the out of the range indicator tell when you have wandered too far the Tommee Tippee website recommend 300 metres.

To sum this monitor up I love it, is so easy to use, the buttons are on the front of the monitor. With its digital display its simplicity itself with a crystal clear sound. I would highly recommend this monitor to any parent for reassurance and peace of mind.

For more information see Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Digital Monitor


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