Tommee Tippee – The Best A Baby Could Want

I have always loved Tomee Tippee and used them with all my children. So when I was asked to review some weaning items for my baby I jumped at the chance.

I was sent the Weaning kit which has everything you need to start the weaning process or great if you just want a change.Everything in the pack is functional and you’re not ending up with items that you will never use. A lot of time and thought have gone into the design of the items as each piece is very child friendly and well made, there are no sharp edges as they are all rounded.

The Explora easy cup , I liked this cup because it can be used from 6 months right through. My son who is a year old has mobility problems and has trouble gripping things and the handles on the cups are the perfect contour and grip that he can easily hold it. I also have a 4 year daughter that has special needs and hasn’t got the ability to drink out of a beaker. When she tried this cup, she was able to drink out of it without a lid , which is a major breakthrough as she had the confidence to hold properly with the 2 handles. Something that she has always struggled with before. This cup is great as it is not only non spill and leak proof, with the 2 handles it gives the child the confidence to move from a sippy cup to a normal drinking cup.

The weaning bowls come with their own spoon attached to the top of the bowl, which is great when your out, no worrying about forgetting your spoon. The bowls have an ergonomic shaped handle that is perfect for little hands to hold and they bowls work well in conjunction with the Magic mat . The magic mat holds the bowl securely in place so worry about the bowl slipping which in turn stops any unwanted spills. The thing I loved about this mat you can just roll it up and put it in you changing bag a bonus for when you are going out and its easy to use and clean.

The heat sensing weaning spoons . These are clever as they change colour if the food is too hot, so there is no danger of burning your baby’s mouth. They have easi-grip handles so easy for a small hands, which are soft tipped for tender small gums. My son can hold these spoons even though he can’t use them good practise for learning how to hold a spoon.

I would highly recommend the explora weaning range as they are prefect for little hands but have been made with parents in mind

For more information see Tommee Tippee


2 responses to “Tommee Tippee – The Best A Baby Could Want

  1. We’re huge fans of the Tommee Tippee cups, they were the only sippy cups my boy would use and matter how hard to throws it about it doesn’t spill! We used those spoons when he was starting to wean and now on the 6+ spoons. He has always been able to hold these spoons well, just shame he holds them up-side-down!

    • Hello thank you for your comment.

      Tommee Tippee are good aren’t they, oh I love the fact that they are spill proof and you don’t get juice every where it is such a pain to clean up isn’t it?.

      Aww bless I am sure that he will use it the right way soon. I give my son a spoon to play with sometimes and a few times he has tried to put it to his mouth, they are funny at times learning to eat aren’t they ?

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