Want Some Funky Gloves – Snuguns

I was sent pack of Snuguns courtesy of PJP PR.

I was intrigued how they could differ from all the other gloves and mittens currently on the market, but they do.

Let me explain first they are made of Merino wool that will keep little hands toasty warm, they are so easy to put on as
they are thumb-less mittens , so no more fighting tying to get the gloves on only to find it was the wrong hand.
There is plenty of room inside the mitten so that the child’s hand isn’t all squashed up.
The mittens have silicon dots on each side allowing extra grip, which is great for plying in the playground etc. Another feature of Snuguns is they are slightly longer than a normal mitten which allows you to put them under or over the cuff of coat.

They come in a clear packaging which is a good idea as it allows you to see exactly what colour of Snuguns you are purchasing. They are available in a variety of funky colours. I love the fact the Snuguns are so brightly coloured not only does it help brighten up a dark coloured outfit but also the bright colours make you feel cheerful on a dark dank morning.

Snuguns are £9.99 and can be purchased directly from

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